The Marabar Caves – Suicide Mission (2022)

After 34 years, The Marabar Caves had us rocking out to a night of excess with old friends in ‘Trouble’. With their second single ‘Suicide Mission’, they are turning their rocking attention to a wild and almost dangerous relationship. Through the adrenaline-packed single, they consider a relationship that challenges the perception of those involved, as it veers off into unexpected territory.

The single continues the exciting and engaging energy that marked their last release, while dipping into something more challenging than a night out. Hinting to influences from rock legends, the single is a blast of reflective yet exciting vibes that perfectly encapsulate the relationship being looked into. The single is also the next step in the band’s journey to re-establish their reputation for energetic and entertaining music, which is sure to translate into their upcoming live gigs.

‘Suicide Mission’ hooks you from the first note with a really engaging guitar line. There is a slight touch of classic rock to the opening tones of the melody. This turns into an easy movement that walks the border between rock n roll and surf tones. As you head toward the chorus, the pace of the guitars picks up and gets you rocking out to them. There is something about the movement that has you bouncing around to the rhythm, only for this to drop for the next verse. This build and release of the melody are ridiculously engaging and you can’t get enough of it. It also adds to the story of the lyrics as you are drawn into the relationship and the flair of passionate fire that comes when you meet someone who gets you.

As you are grooving to the opening melodic line, the vocals enter with a classic rock vibe. The lyrics have a great storytelling flow to them as they drop you into the moment when you meet someone that changes your life. As the single progresses, the connection between the people grows as they realise how similar they are. While there is a feeling of excitement over this, there is also a hint of caution as the vocals realise there is the potential for this relationship to crash and burn. This is all wrapped up in a fun and engaging vocal performance that makes you want to smile and rock out. You can easily see this song being played live with the crowd singing along and having an absolute blast.

The Marabar Caves hook you and have you rocking out to their sound as they consider an adrenaline-packed relationship in ‘Suicide Mission’. The music has you engaged from the first guitar note that only becomes more infectious as the single progresses. The vocals bring a passionate life to storytelling vocals that make you want to sing along and have a blast.

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