The Mercy Mile – Lie To You (2020)

The Mercy Mile is an indie-rock band formed in 2017 in Manchester, UK. The band say they are “friends and family brought together by a common passion for great sounds and a desire to play live music”. The latest release from this upcoming band is their sophomore single ‘Lie To You’.

The track starts with a very bass-driven but Southern sound. The guitar riffs are amazing and soulful with amazing vocals. The lyrics are great and the lead singer tells us how his heart is heavy and he seems to be going through a struggle. It seems very heartfelt and passionate, he sings about how he feels like he doesn’t deserve to be going through this situation and how he hates the thought of lying to that special someone. The beat is great, the bassline is strong and it’s a very catchy song. It’s quite captivating, especially the chorus.

You can find out more about The Mercy Mile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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