The Parlophonics – Heaven Can Wait (2022)

The Parlophonics brought us a blast from the past with their album A Day In The Life, as they fused their musicality with familiar pop-rock sounds. They are now bringing something a little more modern to their addictive sound with their single ‘Heaven Can Wait’. Taking the next step in their musical career, the band crafts a stunningly sweet and spectacular melody that really lets us know what they have to offer.

The single also features the legendary talents of Denny Seiwell on drums, adding another splash of talent to the sound. The pop-rock sound they first introduced with their last release has been honed since then, with this single offering a taste of the matured sound that is set to fill their upcoming second album. If you are in the mood for some addictive music and vocals, this is definitely the song for you.

‘Heaven Can Wait’ has a relaxed and almost lazy vibe to the opening, as the guitar eases you into the track. There is a summery warmth to the sound that makes your limbs heavy, while getting you to gently sway to the rhythm. The lulling vibes of the melody are so easy to fall into as the relaxed feeling fills the soundscape with softness. There are guitar riffs that call out across an ocean of sound, like a salty breeze cooling your skin. There is no way you can listen to this single and not feel the ease of the track settle deep in your bones. The music has a sparkle to it that lifts your spirits and leaves a sweet aftertaste in its wake.

It is not only the melody that has you relaxing back into the easy vibes of the track. The vocals slide across your brain like the endless sense of a clear blue sky reaching out toward the horizon. The easiness of the verses lifts a weight from your shoulders and completes the relaxed feeling in your muscles that the music started. The chorus is catchy as the vocals capture you in their delivery. While the lyrics have a touch of melancholy at times, there is a light that chases these feelings away as the band offers a helping hand. Through the single, they let you know that you are not alone in what you are going through even when you feel like you are.

‘Heaven Can Wait’ has you sinking into the easy melodics of The Parlophonics as the band lifts a weight off your shoulders and relaxes your muscles. The melody has a warm vibe that settles in your bones, while the vocals let you know that you are not alone. While there is a touch of melancholy, the band offers you a helping hand to get through the darkness.

Find out more about The Parlophonics on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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