Shards of Leo – Cry Devour (2021)

Shards of Leo is changing things up a little with his latest single ‘Cry Devour’. This carefully crafted single may catch some of his fans off-guard but provides a fresh listening experience. Through the single, he considers how even the most destructive forces can have a beautiful side like the light coming off the flames of a raging fire. While looking at the beauty of destruction, there is an ambiguity woven into the track that lets everyone draw their own meaning from the song.

This is something that Louis Forsyth, the man behind the shards, is skilled in doing. With all his music, he gives listeners a taste of meaning only to set you free to come to your own conclusions. Written as part of his university degree, the track takes a step out of his comfort zone using melodic devices that enhance the lyrics.

The rolling tones in the opening of ‘Cry Devour’ get your attention before the melody grows in intensity. There is a wonderful depth to the music like a bottomless lake. The rolling tones from the opening and higher notes are like light glinting off the ripples of the surface while the synths create the endless lower levels. This fills you with a sense of darkness in the low levels of the track while the higher levels offer a peace that is a little at odds with that darkness. This interplay of melodic elements perfectly captures the messaging of the track as you feel the devastation of darkness creeping up on you while the lights beauty sparkles across your eyes.

This interplay continues with Forsyth’s vocals which dance across the glinting lights of the upper levels of the melody. His voice then dips into the waters of the darkness before settling as a middle layer. He pulls you through the waters of the music while turning your attention to both the beauty and horror of destruction. There is a wonderful poetic lyricism used that brings vivid imagery to your mind but leaves everything open to your imagination.

Shards of Leo has you dipping into a bottomless lake of music while holding onto the vocals in ‘Cry Devour’. Through the interplay of the music and vocals, your attention is drawn to the devastating beauty of destruction. With vivid imagery that offers just the right amount of ambiguity, you are lost in the waves of an endless sea of sound.

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