The Qwarks – You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends) (2022)

The Qwarks had us smiling to the tale of ‘Terrible Boo Boo’ before dropping us into the engaging, fun and thought-provoking album The Qwarks are Cancelled. Now, with their first single of the year ‘You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends)’, they are taking the first steps to their second album, packed with psychedelic rock tones. With this track, they cut through the chaos of the world and focus on what matters to them with their music, the fans.

Taking us all on a psychedelic journey, they seem to cross dimensions and suck us in like a swirling vortex of engaging and unstoppable music. Packing some punk vocals into guitar riffs and synth trumpets, they really create a listening experience that is second to none. Their unique sound and fun, engaging flows keep you hooked from the first note to the very last.

‘You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends)’ hits you with the quirky tones of the band from the first moment. The vocals grab your attention with the statement of the single title that leads you into a swirling psychedelic vocal movement. There is an old school touch to the vocals that is delightfully mad and a little on the crazy side. This fun delivery adds a great emphasis to the lyrics that talk about the absurdity of certain aspects of content creation, influencers and online fame. While hitting out at the endlessness of social media, the lyrics also show a great appreciation for the fans who stick with musicians and content creators. The layering of the vocals that come through at times creates a slightly panicky cacophony, that is strangely a lot of fun to listen to.

While the vocals take you on a lyric journey, the melody is a blend of sounds that enhance the spiral of the single. There is a march to the beats that leads you into the bright lights of the music. The synth trumpets call against the vocals while the guitars underline the lyrics. At times, the music is light and happy only to turn into something that could easily tilt into overwhelming. This is a perfect accompaniment to the inundated feeling woven into the lyrics.

The Qwarks show their appreciation for their fans, while touching on the chaotic world of social media and self-promotion in ‘You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends)’. The single hits with the band’s quirky style from the first moment. The vocals have a fun delivery that highlights some thought-provoking topics, while the melody dances merrily on its own psychedelic trip.

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