Ritu – Runaway (2020)

Wanting to escaping your problems and dreaming about better days are something that a lot of people have been doing for a while. Using a dreamy and chilled pop sound, Ritu takes a look at this with her debut ‘Runaway’. While the idea for this single was a dreamy break-up song, it moved into something more encompassing.

Written and produced by Ritu, this song has a captivating honesty threaded into each note. Recorded during lockdown, Ritu takes you through a range of emotions but does not focus only on the emotions of lockdown and isolation. As an entrance, this single shows you what Ritu Patel has to offer and makes you wonder what she has in store for us in the future.

The chilled and dreamy soundscape of ‘Runaway’ is introduced from the first notes. The light and pattering notes put you in an easy cocoon that you can relax in. The beat has a depth to it that belies the dreamy soundscape. This beat increases when you hit the chorus to bolster the soaring feeling of the music. However, this is combined with these shivering notes that keep you in the hazy bubble of the song.

To match the dreamy sound of the melody, Ritu’s vocals have a soft easiness to them. She gently wafts you along the track and softly lifts you at certain times. On the chorus, her vocals increase in power with the melody but retain their chilled vibe. While she creates this feeling, the lyrics and their message creep up on you. You are filled with the feeling of wanting to run away from issues while remaining within the soft landscape.

Ritu has you floating in her dreamy soundscape while wanting to get away from your problems in ‘Runaway’. The chilled melody wraps you in cotton while her vocals gently waft you down the dreamscape.

Find out more about Ritu on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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