C.L. Penrose – As Time Goes By (2020)

For the past 20 years, C.L. Penrose has been playing the guitar with a variety of groups, but is now setting out on his own. The old-school guitar-slinger is drawing on inspiration from Bob Dylan, The Eagles, Martin Barre (Jethro Tull) and Steve Howe (Yes) to create his captivating compositional blend. His debut single ‘As Time Goes By’ showcases his musicianship while letting you have a fun time.

The song tells the story of the average person waking to discover that life is what they make of it. It looks at how time does not wait for anyone. This somewhat depressing topic is handled with a flair of folk, rock and pop that is stoic yet light-hearted.

‘As Time Goes By’ gently leads you into the song with a soft opening. The light opening remains through the first verse before a driving acoustic strumming propels you into the chorus. This transition is done perfectly and highlights Penrose’s guitar prowess. The melody moves back to a soft folk tone that is easy to listen to. The rhythm of the track is very light without being too airy. The guitar lines are amazing and add a little bluegrass twist to the song.

As the melody forms the light basis of the track, Penrose’s vocals are both stoic and emotive. There is something serious about his performance, but the emotion in each word makes it easy to connect with them. The lyrics continue the serious tone, but there is a light-heated vibe to them. These combinations make the song a compositional experience that you can’t help but enjoy.

C.L. Penrose finds the perfect balance between stoic and upbeat in his debut ‘As Time Goes By’. The track is a masterclass in how to use guitars to drive a song while the lyrics and vocal performance are an absolute joy to listen to. With this being his debut, it will be interesting to see if he can top this perfectly balanced track.

Find out more about C.L. Penrose on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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