The Shelter – The Prophet (2020)

Based in Mexico City, The Shelter is a dynamic duo putting their distinctive stamp on old-school rock and roll. Founded in January 2020, the group is a relatively new band but they are far from hiding in the shadows. Releasing a single each month since May 2020, Elias Gameros (vocals), Javier Orduña (guitar), Alfonse Villa (bass) and Chan (drums) are building a reputation for engaging music with witty lyricism. The latest addition to their growing discography is ‘The Prophet’.

Influenced by artists such as T. Rex, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden and Lou Reed, The Shelter have a unique rock meets metal sound. The follow-up to their heavier single ‘This Is Not Even Something’, ‘The Prophet’ is more upbeat while still containing the strong hard rock/stoner-rock style. Leaning toward Queens of the Stone Age and Casino, the single is smooth and melodic, but with some roughness around the edges.

Using his warm, bold vocals, Gameros takes The Shelter’s distinctive sound to another level in ‘The Prophet’. His soulful tone meshed with Orduña’s powerful guitar makes this guitar-driven single captivating and compelling. Touching on issues of life challenges, vulnerability and self-reflection, one may assume ‘The Prophet’ would have a melancholic and dark sound; however, this is not the case. Oozing optimism, the duo approach vulnerability with a soothing, hopeful and inspirational approach.

“This is a song about someone who has been struggling in many aspects of his/her life, but somehow finds the strength to raise from the ashes and do something extraordinary with his life.”

For more from The Shelter check out their official website, Instagram and Spotify.

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