Lori Triplett – If My Name Were New York (2020)

Long-distance relationships can be trouble, particularly when one person is more invested than the other. Using her own experience with such a relationship, Lori Triplett weaves a tale of hours-long drives and unrequited commitment in ‘If My Name Were New York’. Through her alt-country soundscape, she works through every letdown and lets you know that you are not alone if you have experienced the same.

The melding of piano lines and electronic elements in the track creates a vulnerable and raw sonic landscape. The use of emotive lyrics is something that Triplett has been honing since she started writing music at age 12. The sound also filters into her upcoming EP Slow Poison.

‘If My Name Were New York’ draws you in with a soft and almost tranquil piano line. This line melds with Triplett’s voice which is a light dance across the piano notes. Her emotive performance hits you with a sadness and resignation of being in second place from the first moment. As she takes you through the tale of a long-distance relationship where she puts in all the effort, you are filled with a bubble of emotion. The rise and fall of her performance drives the emotional hit harder.

The gentle piano-driven melody has a haunting beauty and sadness to it. There are these light beats that swish over the notes adding to the depth of the melody and the emotion of the track. The electronic elements are very light and do not take the attention away from the vocals. If you are looking for a new folk song that is sad and leaves you feeling the tiniest bit depressed, this is the song you want.

‘If My Name Were New York’ by Lori Triplett is a sad emotion tale of a long-distance relationship that is all wrong. The emotive performance blends with the piano-driven melody to create a bubble of sad emotions in your chest.

Find out more about Lori Triplett on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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