The Shop Window – Evacuate (2020)

Nostalgia for a happier time is something that most people can relate to at the moment. If you are looking for a song that connects with this feeling, look no further than ‘Evacuate’ by The Shop Window. The ambiguous lyrics of the song make it more relatable for everyone listening while the melody goes straight for your heartstrings.

The inspiration for the song was a desire to put down roots and find a place to call home. Carl Mann (vocals, guitar) had been tinkering on his guitar when the first riff came through. Simon ‘Syd’ Oxlee (vocals, keys) helped flesh the song out. Together with old friends Martin Corder (bass) and Phil Elphee (drums), The Shop Window has dropped a song that will get stuck in your head.

The opening guitar riff gets your attention and draws you into the song. This leads you to the harmonising vocals which have this power-pop feel to them. The vocal performance has a lively vibe to it that is very easy to listen to. While the lyrics are full of nostalgia, there is a joyous feeling to the vocals. Instead of melancholic nostalgia, you are thrown into something happier as you remember the good days.

As the vocals set this feeling, they are enhanced by the melody. There is a singular guitar riff that runs through the entire track which is really great because it builds this solid and lively foundation. The melody also has this jangling feeling to it that makes you think about happy holiday memories.

The Shop Window provides a warm nostalgic hug with their upbeat and comforting single ‘Evacuate’. Using power-pop vocals, jangling melodies and an infectious vibe, the single makes you smile while basking in the warmth of yesteryears.

Find out more about The Shop Window on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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