The Skinner Brothers – Away Days (2020)

After forming in 2018, the London-based foursome The Skinner Brothers has quickly gained a loyal following. Zachary Charles Skinner (vocals, guitar), Chris Humphries (lead guitar), Oliver New (bass) and Alfie Clayton (drums) joined The Libertines on their UK tour and secured their fanbase with their debut track ‘Watchu’. 2020 has seen the band release a two-track EP and their album Soul Boy, Vol. 1 including ‘Cool Train’ and ‘Banned From Camden’.

Their latest single ‘Away Days’ is an ode to missing what you love. This anthemic song channels the sensation of missing all the good things in life from road trips to days at the beach. While heavily influenced by the pandemic, the song has a universal appeal that transcends this time. The upcoming music video captures the feeling of the song while being extremely fun to watch.

‘Away Days’ gets you into the longing vibe of the track with the opening. The guitar-driven melody has a melancholic tone to it that remains throughout the song and the driving beat of the chorus. You can hear the influence of jukebox classics in the lyrics as well as some of those classic chants from sporting events.

Skinner’s vocals are emotive and you can hear a sense of longing for something that has been cruelly snatched away. The lyrics of the track have a football edge to them, but they also transcend this. Instead of focusing on the loss of football due to the pandemic, the lyrics move past this to make you miss everything that you cannot do. The sentiment within the lyrics is so universal while being personal at the same time.

The Skinner Brothers continue to captivate with their eclectic sound and engaging messaging in ‘Away Days’. While the song was inspired by the suspension of the football season due to COVID-19, it transcends this and makes you long for everything that has snatched away. The mixture of urban beats with jukebox classics is a delight on the sense.

Find out more about The Skinner Brothers on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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