Dina Rizvic – Waves (2021)

Emotions are never really linear and lap at our senses like the waves of the ocean. This is something that Dina Rizvic picks up on with her EP Waves which offers diary-like entries of her thoughts and emotions. Through the therapeutic creation of the EP, she dips into something very personal which resonates with any listener through the universality of the emotions we all face every day.

Completely self-produced, the EP is a delightful delve into her thoughts and a showcase of just what she has to offer. While she plays a range of instruments, she turned to a more electronic sound for this release with touches of rock, RnB and dance threaded throughout. With a degree from Berklee College of Music and years of classical music experience, she combines her impressive skillset with mastery for a well-rounded sound.

The EP opens with the popping and rolling tones of ‘Where Are You’. The beat of the music has your head moving before the higher electronic notes tug at your brain. There is an almost ethereal feeling to the high synths that light across the deeper tones like the Northern Lights. Rizvic’s vocals slide through the melody with an easy confidence. Her voice is a delightful organic line against the electronic notes of the melody which creates an interesting contrast of sound. As the song progresses, her vocals become layered with echoes that pull you out into the distance.

‘Over and Over’ has a more rock vibe compared to the opening track that engages your senses from the first soaring note. It is a really captivating opening that pulls you into the song. With a more organic feeling to the melody, the opening vocals bring the initial electronic edge. It is a wonderful switch from the opening track that really shows the versatility of her musicality. There is an overlapping of vocals that reminds you of tumbling thoughts that roll through your brain too fast for you to really catch them. The soaring guitars come and go against the vocals to enhance the messaging of the lyrics while creating a bolder emotional impact.

Everything takes a more sombre turn with ‘Soulfly’. The music gets a heavy infusion of RnB tones that are all soulfulness and seduction. There is a velveteen feeling to the music that rides the almost clicking tones of the beats. The rich tones get picked up by the dance notes of the chorus for a really great mixture of RnB and dance that you don’t hear that often. The single has a heavy message woven into the soulfully dancing vibes that tug at your heart. The unique movement of the melody enhances the vocals and the emotional messaging of the track.

The EP comes to an end with the sultry tones of ‘XYZ’. While the shortest track on the EP, it brings the waves of the EP to life with a delicacy that is wonderful to listen to. Rizvic’s vocals are tender and light like mists hanging over a lake in the early morning. The melody brings a more twilight feeling of richness to create a layered movement. There is something about the track that makes you float along its waves and sink into the mists.

Dina Rizvic showcases her musicality through the changing musical styles of Waves while hitting you with relatable emotions. Each track has a completely different vibe while bringing the emotional waves of the human experience to sonic life. There is a mastery to the EP that highlights the prowess of Rizvic and makes you excited for what she may bring out in the future.

Find out more about Dina Rizvic on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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