The Strayngers – I Don’t Know, Episode 1 (2020)

I Don’t Know, Episode 1 is the debut EP by The Strayngers and is soaking with the ethos of the band. What is that you might ask? It is to stray from the norms of society and escape the predictable expectations of modern life. Fed up with the dilution of artistic integrity and the erosion of originality in alternative music, they are hitting out with their own sound.

Drawing on the influence of everything from new wave to post-punk to current music, Shane Tanksley (vocals), Sergio Galindo (guitar) and Jessie Es (bass) are bringing a new sound to your world. While they are not re-inventing the musical wheel, they are bringing back the heartfelt compositions and melodies of years gone by. There is a sense of nostalgia to their sound, but it is sprinkled with something new and unique.

The EP starts with ‘Comeback’ which hits you with these wavering notes from the beginning. The opening melody progressively increases in volume before Tanksley’s vocals come at you. His performance has a haziness to it that matches the melody. There is also a strong surf vibe to it that throws you back in time. While the melody really stands out on this song, his vocals create this hovering layer above it.

‘I Don’t Know’ hits you with a more rock vibe compared to the opening track. There is an easiness to the melody of this song that hits you with this wonderful sensation. There is a touch of psychedelia melding into the indie rock vibes. The vocals continue to have a slight dream-pop sense to them as they appear to float around. The melody is a great stabilising foundation that is driving but does not push you.

The opening of ‘Small Stars’ has this fun vibe to it. The melody has you lightly bouncing your head to the melody. It is a very easy song to listen to as you are gently drawn into the lyrics and music. The easiness of the track also makes it ridiculously catchy and you just might find yourself singing along. The flow of the melody also has this way of getting stuck in your brain.

‘Too Much’ has these undulating notes that wrap around the guitar in the opening before the vocals come in. You are hit with a sense of familiarity with this song, but it is intertwined with a feeling of discovering something new. This combination makes the song hard to stop listening to. As you are being drawn in by this sense, you are also swept away by the vibes of the lyrics. There is a feel-good vibe to the music and vocals that make you smile.

The EP ends with ‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow’ which has a light feeling. This is a very interesting song because it has this hopeful forward-looking vibe with a thread of nostalgia running through the core. Overall, it is a hopeful song that leaves you feeling good. It is a great way to end this EP because of the positive vibes it leaves sitting in your chest.

The Strayngers bring back some old sounds with a new twist pumping the band’s ethos through your speakers with I Don’t Know, Episode 1. The EP is packed with good vibes, a splash of nostalgia and something modern that keeps you engaged. If you are looking for an EP that offers a little bit of old with something new, this is the one for you.

Find out more about The Strayngers on their website, Instagram and Spotify.

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