Fab Manzini – After The Fall (2020)

After a major incident, which we have had too many recently, it can feel hard to get back up again. Getting knocked down can hit the hope out of you, but Fab Manzini is here to give this back to you with his latest single ‘After the Fall’. This instrumental number is all about the hope you need to rise again. Full of passion and emotion, the single could just be that boost you need to get back up again.

The melodies of this guitar-driven track do more than rally your spirits as they tell a story through the music. Featuring Tony Franklin on bass and Lez Hall on drums, Fab Manzini takes you on a hopeful journey that will leave you feeling a bit better than before.

The soaring opening notes of ‘After the Fall’ set the uplifting tone of the track. Manzini’s guitar flies over you and draws you into the tale of the music. The notes of his guitar are the narration of the story and you can almost taste what is being said. There is a sense of ease at the start that moves to a sense of frustration before the softer tones hit you. This almost floating melody is like a great exhale after the build-up and a gentle rally of emotions.

While Manzini takes you on a journey, his guitar is complemented by Franklin’s bass. The bass forms this darker tone to the song. It is almost like the bass acts as something dark trying to drag you down and keep you hopeless. There is a wonderful interplay between the guitars that just adds something special to this song. Below all of this, the drums remain as a steady presence like the world moving around you. The ending is also amazing as it bursts through with this uplifting lightness.

Fab Manzini gives you hope and helps you get back up after being knocked down with the instrumental ‘After the Fall’. The arrangement of this single is stunning as you are told a story through the interplay of guitars alone. Each instrument shines and adds their voice to the music in an unforgettable way.

Find out more about Fab Manzini on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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