The Verona Snow – Sonder (2020)

There are a lot of things that shape us into the people we are right now. The Verona Snow is considering how love, loss and connections affect people in their EP Sonder. Through the four-track EP, they look at how memories and loss can haunt you while hope shines through even on your worst days. Working through the complex emotions of the human experience, the band offers a sense of rising against adversity.

This delve into the human condition comes from Leigh (guitar, vocals, synths) and Dawid (guitar, synths, drums, bass). The pair have been playing together for the last 5 years and formed the band when they wanted to make music of their own in their own way.

The EP starts with ‘Brooklyn’ which eases to life using a gentle barely-there melody. Leigh’s vocals are an anchor that you can grab onto in the space of the almost absent melody. As his vocals offer you a connection, the melody starts to build in the depths while light wispy tones thread their way through the background. There is a sadness in the single compounded by Leigh’s vocals that are steeped in melancholy. Even as the melody builds, there is a darkness to this track.

‘Ghost of You’ hits you with a synth-driven melody that is completely different from the opening track. There is a wavering feeling to the melody as it warbles its way down the song. Leigh’s vocals continue to act as an anchor against the melody as he considers memories and the emotions they bring. The increase in tempo later in the track brings a sense of good memories, but the vocals continue to feel like something bad is haunting them.

‘The Journey’ slowly builds from the depths with drawing lines before a heavy beat pulses like a heartbeat in the dark. The vocals have a depth that draws you into a serious vibe as you walk down the melody. There are tones that twinkle to life in the depths of the melody that add an almost ominous feeling to the music. Throughout the song, there is a curious sense to the music like you are unsure where the path you are walking will lead.

The EP ends with ‘Solaris’ which has a shimmery feeling to the melody. There is a lighter energy to the music, but this is tempered by the vocals. The rise and fall of the vocal performance take you on a journey through the ups and downs of life. Through the lyrics, you are hit with a duality of emotion as you bask in the sun of good times only to feel a slight sting at the same time. After the journey of the other songs, this is the perfect end to the EP.

The Verona Snow take you through a complex emotional journey of the human condition in their EP Sonder. Each track considers how loss and memories affect life while looking at how hope remains eternal. There is an easy flow to the melodies in each track that hook you to their sound.

Find out more about The Verona Snow on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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