Pablo Iranzo – Overdose (2020)

A lot of people feel that society is falling apart and are looking for a song that captures their feelings. Pablo Iranzo has just what you need with his single ‘Overdose’. The slow-build epic ballad considers society falling apart when the only thing we can do is watch. Packed with thought-provoking lyrics, the single is the first in a series looking at wide-ranging topics.

To set the scene, Iranzo intertwines gothic elements with some dark pop-rock. Since his debut album Blind Faith, he has been making people think and experimenting with his soundscape. Now he is using his musical prowess to point to all the things we are doing wrong while hoping that things can be turned around.

‘Overdose’ draws you in with a soaring guitar line. As the guitar flies over your head it lays the foundation for the sombre soundscape. The melody is very light and almost sinks into the background at the start of the song only to tumble into your consciousness later in the track. The gentle rolling of the melody is interesting as it combines with some electronic tones before bursting. The rock sounds that throw themselves against you melt into the vocals for a feeling of frustration at the world.

Iranzo’s vocals whisper to you at the start of the song. As the song progresses, his vocals gain in confidence as he highlights everything that is going wrong and looks at the bad in the world. However, threaded into this dark assessment of the world is a sense that there is some good. The lyrics are thought-provoking in their poetry. The slight electronic edge to his vocals adds a little something to the messaging of the track.

Pablo Iranzo considers the frustration of watching society fall apart while threading a glimmer of hope into your senses with ‘Oversode’. The dark single combines electronic, gothic and rock elements for a moving melody. The vocals steal the show as they work through frustration while giving the good in the world a little nod.

Find out more about Pablo Iranzo on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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