Elkvilla – Strangers (2020)

When some relationships end each person slowly becomes a stranger to the other. This experience is explored by Elkvilla in his single ‘Strangers’. Using the story of ex-lovers who have to live together as they have nowhere else to go, he looks at how the protagonist avoids their ex while being separated by a single wall. As the pair continue their daily lives and find other romantic interests, the single works through the emotions this creates.

This interesting take on the end to relationships comes from Adam Dudek. The moody and melancholic soundscape combines indie-folk with touches of post-rock and pop. Recorded and mixed in his Berlin apartment, the track is one off his upcoming EP.

‘Strangers’ opens with a brooding guitar line and humming vocal line. The light guitar line from the opening draws you into a twilight filled soundscape. This does give way to a slight burst of sound for the chorus that hits you with a gentle power. The rise and fall of the melody create a sense of routine that matches the lyrics. However, there is a sense of sadness in the music as you mourn what has been and feel the hurt of moving on.

While the melody starts tugging at your heartstrings, it is the vocals that hit you with the bulk of the track’s emotions. Dudek’s voice is infused with melancholy as his performance whispers to life. The gentle flow of his performance has a wintery edge to it like snow drifting down as the sun starts to set. His performance grabs your heart and squeezes as he works through the lyrics and tells the story of the couple.

Elkvilla hits you with a wave of melancholy and mourning as ‘Strangers’ squeezes your heart and leaves you emotional. The melody has a twilight feel full of sadness while creating a sense of sad routine. His vocals grip your heart and tug as he works through the sad emotions of the track.

Find out more about Elkvilla on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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