The West View – Meet Me Here (2020)

Jake Griffiths is the singer-songwriter and producer behind The West View. With this solo project, he is combining electronic elements with some classic alternative guitar. After releasing his EP Silver Linings, the single ‘Lifeline’ and playing live dates at Club 85 and the Yaxley festival, he is treating us to his third release ‘Meet Me Here’.

The song is a synth-infused ballad stuffed full of melancholy and rock elements. Combining a dash of hope with a pinch of heartbreak, he leaves you wanting much more.

‘Meet Me Here’ draws you in with a bubbling melody. This leads to something more expansive as with lush and wide synths add width and depth to the sound. Deeper synths are added to the melody creating a pulsing through your chest. This combines beautifully with the rock guitars and crashing drums to showcases the unique sound of The West View.

Griffiths’ vocals gently enter the track before you are hit with the harder synths. His vocals add this light layer to the melody that draws you into the story of the lyrics. The rise of his performance is controlled and is a pleasure to listen to. When the melody picks up, his vocals soar with the music and take you along for the ride. The heartbreak of the song is infused in his performance as you hear the melancholy is his words. However, there is also a soaring hope that picks up with the melody.

The West View expertly combines rock melodies with deep and soaring synths as you ride along the melancholic ballad that is ‘Meet Me Here’. Griffiths is able to lay down a catchy rock melody and infuse it with lush and deep synths that rock you to the core. This is all done with a layer of heartbreak and soaring vocals.

Find out more about The West View on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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