There Are Storms – Landmines (2020)

If you are looking for a song that connects with a need to overcome self-doubt, look no further. ‘Landmines’ by There Are Storms is the song you need as it is all about perseverance and overcoming self-doubt in the face of adversity. It also considers how many of the obstacles we have to overcome are of our own making.

These themes are taken on with the energy and honesty of Kevin Wilkins, the man behind the storms. Combining lush synths with a type pf brutal honesty, he looks at all aspects of life from the good to the ugly. As he takes a stand on things, you are hit with the retro-wave vibe you never knew you were missing.

‘Landmines’ gets your attention with the lush and rich synths of the opening. They draw you into the song with this flow that has a slightly sinister vibe to it. They give way to a deeper sound that pounds through you, but those lighter synths from the opening remain in the background. There are a lot of movements in the melody that you can easily get into throughout the song. From driving guitars to high synth notes and clapping beats, there is something to hold your attention at all times.

Over the multi-layered melody is Wilkins’ vocals. His performance is a middle tone between the high and low synths. Throughout the song, his performance moves from a slow and steady pace to something that cuts straight through you. The echoing and harmonisation of his vocals creates even more layers to the single adding to the depth and richness of the track.

There Are Storms uses rich synths and vocals to help you overcome any self-doubt you have in the face of adversity in ‘Landmines’. The single hits you with retro vibes from the synths but bolsters you with the vocals and lyrics.

Find out more about There Are Storms on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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