Third Girl From The Left – Here Am I (2021)

Through her EP Oxygen, Third Girl From The Left explored everything that unites us which is often overlooked. Her tackling of heavy and serious themes continues with her single ‘Here Am I’. With this single, she looks at the power of change, nature being a healer and overall themes of consciousness. Drawing on the experiences we have all faced in the last year, she works with Ryan Halsey (drums) to draw thoughtful conclusions.

As a follow-up to her EP, this single continues to showcase her intimate vocals and instrumentation. Her exploration of deep themes is set to continue in the future as she is already creating and recording new material.

The beats of ‘Here Am I’ are like a heartbeat that thumps against your ears. Resting lightly on these beats is a twinkling star of higher notes that delicately form the intimate soundscape of the single. There is a closed feeling to the music that embraces you and draws you into the contemplations of the lyrics. As the single progresses, the beats lose their heartbeat tones and roll into a more melodic flow. The piano line wisps through the background and teases the edges of your vision. While the music rolls into more melodic territory, the intimate feeling of the music remains.

Her vocals have a slight Kate Bush feeling to them but the almost whispered delivery brings a unique flavour to them. Her voice hangs between the twinkling tones and beats like mist. There is an interesting movement to her performance that complements the intimacy of the music while reaching out as well. The power of her voice shivers through your chest leave a wave of emotion in its wake. There are some serious contemplations in the lyrics that really get you thinking them.

Third Girl From The Left has you thinking about who you are, the healing power of nature and more through the intimate tones of ‘Here Am I’. The delicate higher layer of the melody rolls through you while her vocals leave tendrils of contemplations in their wake.

Find out more about Third Girl From The Left on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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