Third Girl From The Left – Oxygen (2021)

There is a lot more that unites us than divides us, but this is something that we often overlook. Third Girl From The Left is here with an unapologetic, reassuring and thrilling reminder of this with her EP Oxygen. Using a combination of field recordings, intimate vocals and instrumentation, she touches on everything that connects us and pulls us together.

Her home in rural Devon plays a large role in the sound she creates and this is highlighted on the EP. All the field recordings come from the surrounding Devon countryside while the vocals and melodies were recorded in her home studio. The wonder of the landscape can be felt in the impressionistic tones of each track as she looks at what draws humanity together.

The EP opens with the title track ‘Oxygen’ which grabs you from the first moment with the beats. There is a hazy easiness to the music that lets her vocals shine. The soulful and seductive tone of her voice has a warmth that sinks into your soul. The beats from the opening continue through the track while almost ambient sounds warble over them. The spoken word section of her performance adds an intimacy to the music which already has a wonderful cosy feeling.

‘Sylvan’ has a more folk feeling compared to the ambient haze of the opening track. The plucked guitar tones lead to her vocals which have an almost otherworldly feeling to them. You can easily imagine the woods while listening to this track as the sun streams through the leaves and her vocals lead you further into the heart of the trees. The earthiness of the track is wonderful and takes you in a different direction from the opening track. This song pulls you further into the EP and has a rather irresistible vibe like a nymph calling out to you.

The vibrating tones that open ‘Strange Times’ have a very Bond song feeling to them mixed with a classic western movie style. The sultry call of the vocals enhances the feeling of the music as her voice slides against your ears like black satin. The vocal performance is very powerful on this track as it moves from a whispered seduction to a soaring call out over the guitars. While the melody is more stripped back, there is an epic cinematic feel that swarms you as you listen with your soul flying out to the call of her vocals. Through the lyrics, you are reminded that we live in strange times and that we are all going through this together.

The gentle piano of ‘The Rising’ brings the EP to a close. This is such a gentle track that you feel breathing too hard might cause it to shatter. As you listen to the lilting tones of the piano you are covered by the softness of the vocals. The simplicity of the track makes it beautiful as it cuts through you in a way that big productions can’t. With each piano note and mournful wail of the vocals, you are filled with a melancholy beyond compare.

Third Girl From The Left uses four very different tracks to highlight the beauty of the countryside, what brings us together and the emotions life brings in Oxygen. With a different sound and style on each track, she showcases her musical prowess and abilities. Through the EP, she takes you from seductive beats to the heart of the woods before dropping you into despair.

Find out more about Third Girl From The Left on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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