Anaté – First Time (2021)

Sometimes it’s easy to define the music you are listening to, but there are also artists who are so genre-defying it is impossible to label them – this is the case with Anaté. The musical collaboration between producer Andrea Delman and singer-songwriter Ana, they have been compared to acts like Massive Attack, Hooverphonic, Dido, Morcheeba and Sade. After their well-received single ‘Confusion’ (read our review here), Ana and Andreas showcase their versatility in the latest addition to their discography, ‘First Time’.

“Don’t we all remember that moment when we first fell in love? It felt like the only people in the world were you and that person – you were sharing your own little secret and every moment together was almost magical. Until reality his – one or both of you either gave too much or too little. You gradually start falling apart, watching the love story come to an end. ‘First Time’ was written with the intention of cherishing those beautiful moments.” – Ana on ‘First Time’

As beautiful as the singer herself, ‘First Time’ is a haunting track filled with silky vocals, orchestral instrumentation, steady guitars and impressive guitar riffs. Unlike ‘Confusion’ which had an underlying trip-hop element, ‘First Time’ is far more soul-influenced reminding me of iconic jazz singers like Sade and Natalie Cole. The steady drums set a foundation for a moving soundscape underlined by Ana’s classical piano and Andrea’s powerful guitar. Harmonic in their unity, each instrument tends to have a prominence and individuality while still working as a cohesive whole in a smooth, languid melody.

Yes, the melody can have you swaying along to the music, but Ana’s vocals sugar-coat the surface of this infectious track. Enchanting in its raw honesty, Ana’s dulcet tones seem to ooze naivety and melancholic retrospection simultaneously. With an almost siren-like sound, Anaté’s ‘First Time’ seeps into your pores, sends shivers down your spine and leaves you trembling from its overwhelming artistry.

For more from Anaté check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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