Lines of Flight – Heading Out To You (2021)

The last year has created a yearning in many people to escape and reconnect with others. Through ‘Heading Out to You’, Lines of Flight capture these bittersweet emotions and wrap them in a touching fragility. With melancholy vocals and a dreamy soundscape, the single perfectly encapsulates the emotions that many people have right now.

The single is interesting in the way it captures emotions but that is not the only wonderful element. It was written and recorded during lockdown by strangers on their phones. Matthew Henderson (vocals, synths) and Helen Whale (vocals) were strangers when they connected online and started collaborating as Lines of Flight. By the end of last summer, they had 10 tracks that make up their musical series Signs of Life.

‘Heading Out to You’ shimmers and hums in your ears from the first moment. There is a wonderful feeling of escapism woven into the very fabric of the melody that only enhances the messaging of the single. The beats have an easy feeling to them as you gently bounce down them only to fly on the chorus. There is a delicacy to the higher levels of the track that makes you think of clouds parting as you break through them.

Whale’s vocals have a dreamy feeling to them that works perfectly with the melody. She sends out wispy tendrils through her performance that grab at the edges of your brain to draw you into the feeling of the music. As the single progresses, the yearning becomes heavier and it really makes you want to drop everything and just head out into the world. Later in the track, you get a hit of affection as you finally meet and connect with the person you are yearning to be with.

Lines of Flight have you sinking into a heady mix of bittersweet melancholy and yearning for escapism in ‘Heading Out to You’. The melody is rich and steeped in the longing to escape the confines that you find yourself in. With a dreamy edge, the vocals enhance the feelings of the melody.

Find out more about Lines of Flight on their website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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