This Frontier Needs Heroes – Go With The Flow (2020)

Life can throw a lot of challenges your way and it can be hard to determine how to handle everything. If you are facing a challenge, ‘Go With The Flow’ by This Frontier Needs Heroes could give you the direction you need. The upbeat track encourages you to just relax and let life take you where it will. It touches on the idea that there are times when going with the flow is really the best option out there.

The single is also the title track of the upcoming album from award-winning singer-songwriter Brad Lauretti, the man behind the moniker. Over the years, he has performed all over the world, amazing audiences with his combination of folk-rock anthems and alt-country tracks.

‘Go With The Flow’ opens with Lauretti’s vocals which draw you into the song. His performance has a great alt-country vibe to it as he leads you through a laidback soundscape. The smooth flow of his performance sets you at ease and makes it easy to do what the lyrics tell you. The upbeat vibes of the song come through in his performance as he encourages you to let go and just go with the flow.

The relaxing yet uplifting tone continues with the melody. There is something old-school about the melody as it combines wonderful guitar riffs with some country piano lines. The melded melody has a flow that you can lean back into as you have a drink while sitting somewhere relaxing. If you feel any tension when you start listening to the song, it will be gone by the end.

This Frontier Needs Heroes helps you relax and ‘Go With The Flow’ to the sound of his folk-rock beats. The song fills you with a sense of ease as you let go and just float to what life has to offer you.

Find out more about This Frontier Needs Heroes on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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