SunZoom – Good Night Godzilla? (2021)

Are you looking for a single that is a nod to the synth-rock bands of the past? Then you are in the right place as SunZoom has just what you want with ‘Good Night Godzilla?’. The acid-trip infused single brings a wash of psychedelia to your ears with some rock guitars. Through the sounds of the track, you are able to escape the world for a little while.

While lockdown drained the creativity from many people, SunZoom was not one of them. During the last year, the independent artist recorded a number of new tracks which make up their upcoming full album. Through a euphoric rush of sound, the lockdown blues have been kept at bay and listeners are able to take a journey out of this world.

‘Good Night Godzilla?’ draws you in on two fronts with the deep shuffling tones offering an organic slide while the synths grab you for a psychedelic trip. These lines combine for a real sonic trip that you don’t get too often. The deep tones vibrate in your ears while the synths sparkle and zip through your brain. There is a good beat to the music that you can move your head to before the neon lights of the synths have your head swaying to them. Overall, there is a vintage vibe to the music that makes you think of 70s psychedelic acid trips.

While you are washed in the neon sounds of the melody, the vocals are a hazy overlayer. The vocals swirl around your head enhancing the acid trip of the music. The harmonised higher vocals create a kaleidoscope of colours in your brain before you take a trip through the meadows. While you jump around a hazy soundscape, there is a solid hook in the music that makes you want to stay for the entire trip.

SunZoom hits you with a serious acid trip of a single in ‘Good Night Godzilla?’. The melody is packed with psychedelic tones while the vocals create a hazy dreamy soundscape that you stumble through. Together, they form a sonic trip that takes you back to the 70s that you do not want to get off.

Find out more about SunZoom on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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