THS – What Would You Do (2021)

THS are heading into very deep territory with their single ‘What Would You Do’. Considering the preverbal question of endless love as time is running out, the single has you grooving to their vibe while thinking about what they are saying. Taking their music to a new level, they hit your ears with a wonderful classic and alternative rock mixture.

The new level of their sound came in 2020 with the addition of Michael Sciotto (drums, backing vocals) to the sound of Dave Trupia (bass, vocals) and Brian Hauff (guitars). The three long-time friends used the unusual and interesting last year to create music as a way to keep their sanity.

‘What Would You Do’ hits the ground running with a serpentine guitar flow that winds its way around some classic rock sensibilities. The calls of the guitars are addictive before they send tendrils flying out into the atmosphere. There is a questioning feeling to the melody that erupts into a burst of hope. With a tight arrangement and emotive riffs, the melody has you riding the emotions of the track with effortless ease. It pulls you into the longing for someone and the hope that they will stay.

Trupia’s vocals have a slight roughness to them that complements the call of the guitar. The harmonisations as you hit the chorus enhances the plea resting in the lyrics. The questioning feeling of the melody comes through in the lyrics as they ask someone to stay. While the lyrics could easily fall into desperation, the band holds the line on this and skirts on the side of pleading asks that acknowledge that the answer they want may not be coming. It is a really interesting take on the question of endless love and offers a delightfully balanced questioning.

THS questions endless love through the moving tones of ‘What Would You Do’. There is a delightful questioning vibe to the single that shines through in both the vocals and melody. With classic rock sensibilities wrapped around the serpentine flows of alt-rock, the band makes you think about what you would do if confronted with their questions.

Find out more about THS on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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