Timmy the Boy – Show You (2022)

Timmy the Boy brought raw emotion to the feeling of never being enough for the people we want to matter to in ‘Never Enough’. While sticking to the emotional charge of his music, he is using some funky tones to get you moving to the rhythm of ‘Show You’. Combining indie-pop, funk and groove, he has created an anthem to feeling on top of the world as you fall in love.

Drawing on the first moment you meet the one, Timmy the Boy brings undeniable physical attraction to a deeper emotional connection. Drenching in wanting to give someone the world, this single has you moving to the beat while getting lost in the dizzying high of the emotion. An upbeat track, it showcases the versatility of his sound and has already been a staple in his live performances.

‘Show You’ hits you with the funky vibes from the first twang of music. It is an extremely infectious movement that instantly has you bopping away to the groove, whether that is your head bopping or your shoulders bouncing to the movement. As the melody creeps into your muscles, you are filled with the urge to dance around. As the chorus hits, you will want to turn the volume up so you can really get down to the rhythm. The guitars twang like a live wire through your muscles while the clapping tones move your feet to their beat. Through all of this, you feel shifting mirror ball lights and shards of colour making their way through your senses. The melody is a masterpiece of how to get people moving to the rhythm of a single.

While your body is moving to the groove, Timmy the Boy’s vocals add a burst of lively energy that is packed with emotion. You can feel the blissful high of the initial connection and attraction you feel with the one. As the single progresses, the lyrics paint the picture of how you want to give the person you care about the whole world and more. In the chorus, the initial physical attraction turns into a deeper emotional connection. The flow of his performance is as funky as the melody, with a touch of RnB smoothness that has it slipping over the melodic beats. Between the melody and vocals, you will not be able to stop listening to this single.

Timmy the Boy has you moving to his groove from the first note of ‘Show You’ as he brings the high of physical attraction to deeper emotions. The melody hooks you from the first funky note and keeps you dancing to the rhythm from start to finish. Timmy the Boy’s vocals add a burst of electricity to the melody, before bringing a tinge of deeper emotion to an engaging movement.

Find out more about Timmy the Boy on his Instagram and Spotify.

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