Timmy the Boy – Never Enough (2021)

At some point, most of us have felt like we are not enough for the people we want to matter to. Timmy the Boy dives into this mindset with the aptly titled ‘Never Enough’. Full of raw emotion, the single delves into the male perspective of this mindset and the feeling that no matter what he does, he is just never enough for the girl he likes.

Drawing on a range of influences, Tim Pinter III mixes smooth melodies with unique instrumentation and raspy vocals. Since he started making music at 17 with earbuds and an old laptop, he has been honing his skills and musicality. Hoping this single acts as an anthem for those who give it their all, he encourages listeners to keep your head held high.

‘Never Enough’ pulls you in with an almost melancholic guitar line. This opening line has a reflective vibe in it that turns into something different when the rest of the instruments make an appearance. The music gains a light aggression and frustration as the beats join while that opening line rests in the lower levels. It is a wonderfully layered melody that brings a range of emotions to your brain. Woven into the emotive movements is a rhythm that has your toe tapping to it.

The vocals continue the emotive hit of the melody but with a raw feeling. You can feel that Pinter is putting it all out there from his insecurities to his frustration at how he is being treated. There is a lot to relate to in the lyrics that touch on the feelings many people have had at some point. While the lyrics are told from a male perspective, there is a universality to the experience and emotions that makes the single so easy to connect with. As the single progresses, Pinter fills you with a strength to get over the emotions of the track and move on with your head high.

Timmy the Boy offers a connection to anyone who has felt that they are ‘Never Enough’. With raw and emotive vocals, he works through feeling used and the frustration many people feel. The melody brings a dynamic flow which enhances the emotional hits of the single.

Find out more about Timmy the Boy on his Instagram and Spotify.

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