Tinker – Your Loss (2021)

Tinker is blending the old with the new in her single ‘Your Loss’. Inspired by a song by her grandmother Barbara Lynn, she incorporates the song into her own for a merging of old-school feels and modern takes. Through this blended soundscape, she considers the people who walk away from a good thing and realise too late that they made a mistake.

Drawing emotionally on being cheated on in a relationship, the single encases a reflective story in a touching alt-pop and contemporary soul swirl. This story is one that many people can connect with regardless of whether they were the ones being left or those doing the leaving. With a tale that is universal and a sound that blends ages, Tinker has created a single that could easily be timeless.

‘Your Loss’ hits you with a jazzy and sultry horn that is all retro soul. The opening of the track is all old-school style that makes you think of days gone by. This wonderfully transitions into a modern contemporary pop sound. The alt-pop beats and lines of the melody is an amazing contrast to the richness of the jazzy opening. The music shivers through you with the deep beats that pulse through your veins. There are guitars that come through like a siren call rising from the depths of the beats only to set you down in the twilight of the music.

The vocals transition with the same beauty and ease as the melody. In the opening, they are all vintage tones making you think of singers from the 50s and 60s. The echoing added to the last tendrils of the older vocals slides into the modern melody. Tinker’s voice adds to the modernity of the music as she brings a new age pop feel. There is a touch of soul to her performance in the smooth slide of her voice. Her performance drives the messaging of the lyrics home through the soulful tones that send shivers down your arms.

Tinker combines the old with the new while dipping into reflective lyrics for her single ‘Your Loss’. There is a jazzy opening to the song that transitions with ease into a contemporary soundscape. The vocals match this blending while driving the messaging of the lyrics home with a shivering efficiency.

Find out more about Tinker on her website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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