Dante ft Sam James – Givin’ Up on Love (2021)

Letting go of someone you love can be the hardest thing to do even when it is the right thing to do. If you are feeling the heartbreak this creates, Dante and Sam James are here to help you heal with ‘Givin’ Up on Love’. Combining soaring vocals provided by James with the hazy future bass of Dante, they put you through an emotional ringer before soothing the broken parts of your heart.

Using a wistful yet sweet melody, they tug at your heart with pop sensibilities while washing you with a light melancholy. Featuring intricate sonic nuances, these two artists play off the best of each other. Bordering on the anthemic, the single will have you immersed in emotions, lost in the sounds and balancing between pain and pleasure.

‘Givin’ Up on Love’ uses a gentle piano line to pull you in with a melancholic tone. The piano line has a feel of exhaling to it like it can no longer take the weight that rests on its shoulders. From the depths of the soundscape, dance tones rise to overtake the piano line. While the pulsing electronic notes bring a different flavour to the song, that thread of melancholy remains. There is a captivating interplay between the electronic notes and the piano line. The piano has you exhaling on the verses only for the dance beats to grab your chest and pulse you through the chorus. The movement of the melody has an almost wistful feeling that is enhanced by the lyrics.

James’ vocals call out against the piano line filling you with pain. There is so much emotion in his voice that it squeezes your heart wringing out every drop of pain it contains. As the electronic soundscape takes over, his performance swings to a more electronic pop tone. The chorus brings vocal dance to your ears as the lyrics commit to giving up on love after the experience of the verses. The push and pull of the verses and chorus are achingly brilliant as they send you through an emotional rollercoaster.

Dante with the help of Sam James fills you with pain only to ease your broken pieces with some vocals dance in ‘Givin’ Up on Love’. The single uses a push and pull arrangement that sends you through painful melancholy to a rather sad commitment. This shines through in both the vocals and melody as they swing from delicate piano lines to pulsing dance beats.

Find out more about Dante on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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