Tom Tom Park – Adore Me (2021)

If you need a single that boosts your inner strength and pride in yourself, Tom Tom Park has just it for you. ‘Adore Me’ is an energetic disco-inspired single that has you bouncing to the beat while feeling completely unapologetic over who you are. Through the lively tones, he offers a celebration of who we are and how our colours all shine with their own vibrancy.

While packed full of energy, the single had a rather innocuous start. Coming to him while sitting at his kitchen table, the single captures the energy he felt that had nowhere else to go. It continues the sparkling music of this project from producer Steef that lifts your spirits and transports you to a dancefloor.

‘Adore Me’ pops and zips to life with infectious beats and zinging synths. There is a light feeling to the higher tones that make you think of blinking neon lights while the beats capture your muscles and move them. The energy of the music is vibrant and you want to dance around while turning up the volume. While you can feel a touch of disco there is a different vibe to the music that offers a modern edge. If you don’t want to dance around to this melody, I honestly don’t know what you are listening to.

The bouncing vibes of the melody are enhanced by the vocals which are delightfully unapologetic. Each word shines with a youthful energy that shrugs off all the negatives of the world. The vocals provide by Disc Eyes, are so catchy that they not only get you singing alone but stick in your head for a really long time. This is great because they are so uplifting and empowering that they fill you with strength whenever they fly across your brain.

Tom Tom Park has you feeling empowered and unapologetic through the vibrant pulses of colour that is ‘Adore Me’. The melody has you bouncing around and having a great time while the vocals from Disc Eyes lift your spirit. As you jump around to the single, you feel that you can shine and not care what other people have to say.

Find out more about Tom Tom Park on his Instagram and Spotify.

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