Tori Boltwood – Con Artist (2021)

Adding a theatrical element to indie-pop music, singer-songwriter Tori Boltwood certainly stands out in the crowd. With a background in musical theatre and jazz, the US-based artist embraces various genres bringing them together to “…create music that deeply connects with others”. Her mantra is the be authentic and no one can deny her authenticity in her various songs. Featured in Sinusoidal Music, Edgar Allan Poets, Roadie Music, Less Than 1000 Followers and various playlists, Boltwood is being acknowledged as a sterling songstress by curators across the globe. She continues to astound us with her intriguing new single ‘Con Artist’

Following her pop-inspired singles ‘Drown’ and ‘Fame’ (read our review here), ‘Con Artist’ incorporates a strong rock-driven guitar sound within a hard-hitting melody. Highlighting her appreciation of classical music, the talented Boltwood fuses rock and roll vibes with jazz undertones and a hint of classical instrumentation. The melodic arrangement of this track not only tingles your ears but seeps into your soul before leaving you completely breathless.

Co-written with Jameson Tabor, ‘Con Artist’ takes you on a trip through the mind of a con artist, but it is more a conceptual piece than a mere story. Exposing the formidable flaws of con artists who believe they are better than they truly are, ‘Con Artist’ looks at egos, self-importance, distress and twisted romance. Using her bold and rich vocals, Boltwood elegantly adds a cheekiness to the theatrical drama unfolding in each note. What I find most intriguing is the incorporation of piano and violins within a grungy rock sound heightening the feistiness and intricacy of ‘Con Artist’.

Unlike most of her previous work, ‘Con Artist’ seems to be an evolution of Boltwood from pop to rock. Teetering on the line between sexy grooves and smoky sophistication, the new single passionately gives you a sneaky wink behind a sly grin and you love it!

For more from Tori Boltwood check out her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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