ToyQueens – Nightmare! (2021)

ToyQueens is taking an aggressive and heavy exploration of love, lust and hate in a toxic relationship. With his single ‘Nightmare!’, he hits you upside the head with some hard riffs, thumping bass and untold energy. While looking at toxicity, he might be delving into falling in love with a vampire, but that remains to be seen.

Using production that walks the fine line between commercial and alternative, Ric T James brings new confidence to his sound. After setting the bar with the light and plucky tones of ‘Miss That Mind’, he turns to world-building lyrics with a strong melodic accompaniment. Carrying on some of the synth tones of his debut, this song really takes everything to a new level.

‘Nightmare!’ pounds against your ears with a marching melody. The pounding beats have you moving forward in the melody while the synths zip and zing around them. There is a delightful intensity to the music that brings a seductive darkness to it. There is a velveteen feeling to the melody that seems to be hiding a steel core that bashes against you on the chorus. There are some hard riffs that wash over your shoulders while those kicking and marching beats will just not let up for a second.

Against the marching melody rests James’ equally seductive vocals. His voice whispers out of the melody to crook a finger and pull you closer to him. This changes on the chorus for a really anthemic twist that makes you want to shout out with the vocals. Through his performance, you are filled with the fear and anxiety a toxic relationship can bring. These emotions bubble and boil within you before you are able to release them with a cry on the chorus.

ToyQueens has you rolling in love, lust and toxic relationships through the marching seduction that is ‘Nightmare!’. The single combines seductive vocals with irresistible melodics for a listening experience that is second to none. The refinement of the production is really a step above his debut single as he captures every bit of your senses for the aggressive exploration of the lyrics.

Find out more about ToyQueens on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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