ToyQueens – Miss That Mind (2020)

Introspection and exploring the different aspects of yourself leads to a better understanding of every facet of your personality. This exploration is the basis of ToyQueens debut single ‘Miss That Mind’. The single looks at the different parts that make the whole as well as the elements that are no longer part of the person.

This rather deep introspection comes from singer-songwriter Ric T James. While he has been writing and recording for years with various projects, this is his first release under his new moniker. The goal of this musical project is to continue exploring all aspects of self to better understand our emotions.

There is an intense opening to ‘Miss That mind’ with these fast rotating synth notes. This is combined with some plucky deeper synths that create the beat of the melody. The undulating synths are light and create this wonderfully engaging melody. Those rotating notes from the start keep making an appearance throughout which is a great continuity.

James’ vocals have a depth to them that is an awesome counter to the synths of the melody. There is a slight tone of reverb to the vocals, but this only enhances the song as it works with the music. His performance brings the introspection of the lyrics home. At times, his performance is powerful before becoming more intimate and softer. It is a very controlled performance that lets you explore the emotions of the song at your own pace.

ToyQueens debut single ‘Miss That Mind’ takes you on an introspective journey of understanding oneself. The synth-driven melody is light and plucky which works well with James’ steady and powerful vocals. It is an impressive first single that sets the bar for what is still to come.

Find out more about ToyQueens on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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