Atomic Bronco – Raging Bulls and Tequila Sodas (2020)

Originally from rural Kansas, Kyle Nuss, the man behind Atomic Bronco, worked as an electrical engineer. Now based in London, he has completed a master’s degree from the University of Oxford and is making music in his free time. His debut album Nightflowers was written, recorded, mixed and mastered solely by him.

The lead track from the album is ‘Raging Bulls and Tequila Soda’. The track highlights the retro-inspired yet completely modern vibe Atomic Bronco has to offer.

‘Raging Bulls and Tequila Sodas’ gets your attention with the opening that leaves you wondering what is coming. This leads into classic rock guitars and a fast-paced track. The song has a lot of melodic layers that hook you. The guitar solo is also skilful and thoroughly enjoyable.

Nuss provides a charismatic performance with his vocals easily matching the multi-layered melody. The lyrics of the track are magnificently crafted to match the melody and tell a story. They are relatable and easy to sing along to which is great because the song has a very catchy chorus.

While Atomic Bronco is full of contradictions, his single ‘Raging Bulls and Tequila Sodas’ is a holistic explosion of enjoyable melodies and sing-along lyrics. The track features multiple layers of melodies with relatable and catchy lyrics perfectly performed.

Find out more about Atomic Bronco on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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