Sophia Brand – Gemini (2021)

Sophia Brand is highlighting the different sides of life through the two sides of her EP Gemini. Gemini (Side A) offers an emerging understanding of womanhood and all the issues that come with this. This moves into Gemini (Side B), which looks at loving something that is unattainable and how this can pull everything off balance.

To bring these two sides of life to our ears, Brand works with long-time collaborator Silas Boyle (producer, engineer, arranger). The two met at a North Carolina school but only started working together in 2017 after moving to Nashville. Since then, they have collaborated on all Brand’s music while avoiding the typical Nashville sound.

Side A opens with ‘Ladylike’ which is a response song to the hypocrisy and sexism that many women face when doing the same thing a man does. The melody pulls you in with a gentle piano line resting on deep beats. The layers of the melody bolster the seductive flow of Brand’s vocals. There is a wonderfully emotive contemplation resting in her vocal performance. The harmonising backing vocals add this rise to the movement of the single which is utterly wonderful. There is something about the song that makes you want to close your eyes and sink into it.

‘Attention’ takes you into a celebratory mindset against a delightful folky melody. The guitar lightly plucks against your ears while Brand’s vocals twirl around your senses and pull you into her thoughts. There is this really positive feeling to the music as it gains a plucky bounce while the vocals put a smile on your face. As you listen, the song fills you with subtle power while shrugging off the negativity of other people. The light feeling of the music is enhanced by the backing vocals.

Side B starts with ‘In the Night’ bringing the darker side of life to your ears with a moody feeling melody. The rolling guitars and swelling tones add a twilight feeling to the music. As you sink into the midnight tones of the melody, Brand’s vocals fill you with melancholy. Through the single, you are drawn into giving someone all the love and affection they need while draining yourself of the love you need for yourself. Her voice has this contrast of emotion as she wants to help but also feels completely drained by what she is doing.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Bittersweet’ which draws you into a wine-stained soundscape. There is something darkly seductive and sultry about the music that puts you on edge while making you want to give into it. Brand’s vocals beckon you further into the satin trap of the music with honeyed tones. Through the lyrics, you are taken on a journey of falling back into toxic habits while knowing that this is not a good thing to do. The chorus is ridiculously catchy and you are going to be singing out with her.

Sophia Brand uses the tracks of her Gemini EP to highlight the different sides of life. With Side A tapping into the lighter tones she fills you with good vibes and subtle power. This leads into Side B which is all darker tones and life’s underbelly that seductively pulls you into a feeling of toxic twilight.

Find out more about Sophia Brand on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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