Fun Balloon Animals – I Was A Teenage Frankenstein (2020)

If you love classic metal and horror b-movies, ‘I Was a Teenage Frankenstein’ by Fun Balloon Animals draws on both. This entertaining art-rock band brings a slice of horror to your listening as they pay homage to 80s terror rock. While this is not the first time they have drawn on Frankenstein for inspiration, this single is a unique exploration of the subject.

Coming off their upcoming LP Exploitation Ferox, the single highlights their eclectic mixture of musical styles. Using musical interludes and lyrics that draw you into the tale, this exciting band keeps you on edge from start to finish.

‘I Was a Teenage Frankenstein’ has a softer opening than you might expect from a song that mixes horror and metal. However, this is a false sense of security as the soothing opening gives way to pounding guitars. There are moments of lilting instrumentation that offers a soft breath before the guitar carries you off. The guitar solos and riffs are amazing as they soar through your chest. To fully enjoy this melody, you do need to turn it up and really get into it.

While the track is instrumentation heavy, the vocals have this enthralling quality to them. They sit above the melody and have an almost distant feeling to them. Close to the end of the single, you hear the vocals slowly creep up from below the melody which just adds to the horror vibe of the song. Overall, this is a very entertaining single that blends classic melodic metal with an almost cheesy horror b-movie.

Fun Balloon Animals draws you into horror b-movies with some classic melodic metal in ‘I Was a Teenage Frankenstein’. The single is instrument-driven with awesome soaring guitars and vocals that creep up from the low levels.

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