Track of the Day: Fabian Jack – Bananas

If Green Day were to have a child with Weezer but it was adopted and raised by Oasis and Paramore, the chances are Fabian Jack would be it. Bringing old-school elements of high-paced 90s pop-rock to the 21st century, this UK-based band is filled with enthusiastic awesomeness. Led by the brother-sister team Beni and Piera, Fabian Jack is a “well-oiled machine” with a loyal following across the UK. In fact, their strong online presence has seen them featured on notable blogs like Indie Central Music and A&R Factory, as well as radio stations like BBC Introducing, Radio X and Amazing Radio.

Yes, their online presence may help the quintet reach audiences across the globe, however, their stage presence is as significant. Having performed with the likes of Roger Daltrey, Noisettes, Erasure, Echo and the Bunnymen and Razorlight, Fabian Jack packs a powerful punch at gigs. We may not have the honour of seeing the five Londoners live but we are pleased to bring you their single ‘Bananas’.

The lead single from their four-track EP Bananas, ‘Bananas’ is an energetic, enthusiastic and almost riotous three-and-a-half minutes of music. Combining pounding guitars with dynamic guitars, the track inserts pop-punk into a grungy design and indie-rock vocals. Thrusting you directly into a kaleidoscopic whirlwind of sound, it is easy to lose yourself in this ear-splitting music; however, there also seems to be a soothing quality to the “all over the place” melody.

Recorded with renowned producer Patrick Collier (Primal Scream), Fabian Jack showcase their frenzied side in ‘Bananas’. A highly versatile and innovative band with no one track sounding like another, the group is able to traverse genres effortlessly; however, ‘Bananas’ is crescendo upon crescendo leading to catchy choruses, infectious melodies and an overall heightened sense of…well, outlandishly fun buoyancy. No, buoyancy is not the right word – unrestrained hyperactivity might be more accurate.

What I find particularly intriguing are the soaring lead vocals. Fusing seamlessly with the dazzling instrumentation, the English-inflexion can be compared to Liam Gallagher in its obscurity. A shimmering silver thread in a tapestry of sound, the powerful vocals add an extra edge to Fabian Jack’s sound.

In addition to their single, Fabian Jack releases an official music video for ‘Bananas’. After watching the video I feel the best way to describe it is Sesame Street on acid! The simplistic placement of fruits, vegetables and fuzzy characters fits well with the fast-paced melody. Adding a visual element to the chaotic song, ‘Bananas’ is the visual representation of madness and mayhem.


For more from Fabian Jack check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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