Track of the Day: Finch Faux – Winter Winds

Raised in an environment filled with music, it is no wonder that Australian songstress Finch Faux began writing songs in her early teens. The nurturing nature of her family may not be visible to us, but it is definitely felt in her warm melodies. Listening to Finch Faux is like being embraced in an intense hug; however, the tracks still have coolness in their emotive execution. Featured on Rising Artists Blog, Less Than 1000 Followers, Plastic Mag and Indie Dock Music Blog, this naturally talented singer-songwriter is making waves across the globe. One of her latest releases is the single ‘Winter Winds’.

From her debut track ‘So Let It Begin’ in late-2021 (read our review here), Finch Faux adopts a sincerely tender sound with her heart-warming tracks. Penned during the afternoon of a winter’s day in 2018, ‘Winter Winds’ is a little dated; however, there is nothing about the song that is dated. Melding synths with well-placed beatbox programming, the melodic arrangement of her song leans toward a contemporary sound with tinges of 80s synth-pop in the mix. Finch Faux shares that she “wrote it [‘Winter Winds] about the attempt we probably all make to remain humble yet assertive in this ever-changing world.” What I find intriguing is how the scattered instrumentation and steady vocals seem to represent a humble security within a changing society.

Produced by Tobias Priddle, ‘Winter Winds’ has a sophisticated presentation when it comes to melody; however, Finch Faux shows her strength in the powerful lyricism – not to mention her amazing vocals. Fluctuating between “words of encouragement and empathy to threatening warning of defiance”, ‘Winter Winds’ has an otherworldly but calming flow. Finch Faux shares that maintaining the balance between humble and assertive is “…wildly difficult” illustrating her youthful perspective. Yet, the expert execution of such a polished and mature song highlights an insightfulness beyond her young years.

For more from Finch Faux check out her official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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