Track of the Day: Factory – Aiming High

Returning to the music scene in 2015, 70s rock band Factory is back and as brilliant as ever. Formed in Hastings, UK, approximately 40 years ago, teenage friends Tony Qunta, Andy Qunta, Laurie Cooksey, Geoff Peckham and Steve Kinch came together to form Factory – a classic rock band now, but were they classic rock back then? Question for the ages…

In their early days, Factory was an engaging and energetic touring band performing with the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Suzi Quatro and Status Quo. Fun and truly awesome fact: they were the test band for Roger Daltrey’s home studio. I told you it was cool! Yet, the band dissolved as members went their own ways to achieve success in bands like Edgar Winter, Icehouse and Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. Now, Factory’s original lineup is back releasing their new album Aiming High. While there are twelve enjoyable tracks on Aiming High, we have chosen the title track as our Track of the Day.

Lying somewhere between Eagles, Deep Purple and Led Zepplin, Factory is a melding of powerful guitars, dynamic drums, impressive keys and effortless vocals. The movement from upbeat, danceable sections to soothing guitar ballad-esque styles is a demonstration of Factory’s innovativeness and versatility. I could go on and on about the band and single using many, many adjectives, but that would not be good enough. I guess, in a sentence, ‘Aiming High’ is a soul-stirring track allowing you to just “breathe and enjoy”.

“Factory’s ‘Aiming High’ is an album with something for everyone – positive vibes, adventurous rock and catchy hooks, delivered with superb musicianship and vocals.” – Factory on ‘Aiming High’

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