Track of the Day: Hunter Adams – Trying

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Hunter Adams is a talented young singer-songwriter sharing engaging, insightful music with the world. Inspired by artists like Avril Lavigne, KT Tunstell, Snow Patrol and Joni Mitchell, Adams shows a boundary-breaking and eclectic sound. Featured on publications like The Other Side Reviews and FV Music Blog, she is already reaching an international audience. The latest addition to her growing discography is the single ‘Trying’.

With a tumultuous childhood, music was Adams’ escape from reality into a less challenging world. The artists acted as friends with which she could share her thoughts and emotions, and now she is placing herself in the position of a possible friend for another person. In ‘Trying’, Adams touches on issues like inner conflict, fear, vulnerability and isolation. With her personal narrative and emotional vocals, Adams creates a vulnerable soundscape with her melodic new single.

What I find particularly heart-rendering about ‘Trying’ is how the merging of simple instrumentation with her stark vocals exposes the fragility of the human spirit. The painfully honest and introspective lyricism is conveyed with Adams haunting tone ensnaring one’s senses from the first moment. With the smooth, flowing melody and almost surreal vocals, ‘Trying’ plucks at your heartstrings, captivates your soul and can lead to some tears. Have the tissue ready!

“There’s a baseline level of discomfort that underpins my existence…and the song is essentially me attempting to process that. It’s an admission to myself that I’m not the perfect thing I strive to be, but my heart is good and maybe that is enough.” – Hunter Adams on ‘Trying’

For more from Hunter Adams check out her official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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