Track of the Day: Jindi – Midnight Love

Hailing from the Sudan, but flitting between his home country and the UAE, Jindi is reggae’s Bruno Mars. With an infectious charm, hypnotic vocals and a rather distinctive style, Jindi has received national airplay and TV time as well. He released his debut ‘By You Side’ in 2018 to critical acclaim, but it was the follow-up dance beat ‘Dance Floor’ that propelled him to the top of the charts. His latest release is an outstanding reggae-pop collaboration with the legendary MC Smylie.

The best way to describe Jindi and his new track is the 21st-century Bob Marley. Combining the calm reggae beats with some pop influences and MC Smylie’s backing, ‘Midnight Love’ is an anthemic track for the summer months. The accompanying music video takes the tune one step further demonstrating a melding of Africa dancehall and reggae culture.

“I wrote ‘Midnight Love’ back in 2018 to express the thoughts of desire I had and the need to send that special someone that last text message before they go to sleep. I was fortunate enough to have Smylie adding his touch to the track and bring them feel-good vibes. We’ve had an amazing time shooting the video in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital. The music video is filled with good vibes and was shot in different locations. Smylie had taken us to his neighbourhood ‘Mbare’ and we got to perform there and interact with the people.” – Jindi on ‘Midnight Love’

Find out more about Jindi from Facebook, Spotify, Instagram and YouTube.

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