Killit – Born Too Late (2020)

Killit is here to tell you that rock and roll is not dead. The band was formed in 2016 with members from across the globe. Pete Jean (drums) and Niro Knox (guitar) are the founding members with Gaz Twist (vocals) putting his stamp on their music. The most recent additions to the line-up are Ben Smart (bass) and Claire Genoud (guitar). Their latest single ‘Born Too Late’ is a dialogue about the music that has inspired people through the years.

The song looks at the advent of streaming and how the emphasis on an album as a body of work has been lost. It continues by asking if there is still a hunger by people for guitar-based bands who craft albums instead of easy and quick streams. The track also considers if carefully crafted music has been relegated to a time long past.

‘Born Too Late’ open with a great classic rock guitar that is a throwback to the hay day of guitar-driven music. There is also a driving drumbeat that captures you and leads you to a very 80’s rock melody. There is amazing guitar work on this track that makes you yearn for the days when music was full of these riffs and lines. During the guitar solos, you can feel the passion the band has for what they are doing.

Twist’s vocals smoothly soar over the guitar-laden melody. There is something epic about the vocal performance that transports you to another time. The lyrics of this song really dig into the subject and make you wonder if liking classic rock means you have been born too late.

Killit brings classic rock back to life in ‘Born Too Late’ with a guitar-driven melody and soaring vocals. The track brings together every element we love about classic rock from guitar solos to smooth and epic vocals that make you want to go to a concert.

Find out more about Killit on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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