Track of the Day: Kipani – Have It All

The solo project of singer/songwriter Tiffany Jhingoor, Kipani is a folk-pop singer from Pennsylvania, USA. While she grew up in Great Bend, Pennsylvania, Kipani is now based in the exciting state of New York. Her musical journey began as a child when she was coerced into learning the piano – she hated it! After pursuing her musical aspirations, Kipani found that combining her classical training with soulful vocals bred a new type of music. Her latest release is the indie-pop song ‘Have It All’.

A follow-up to her highly acclaimed EP Take a Minute, Kipani shows that she is all about experimenting with new sounds and styles. ‘Have It All’ is not only an upbeat track with some somber lyrics, but continues her vision of female self-empowerment and resistance to societal norms. Intense, but a catchy summer tune, ‘Have It All’ is something everyone should have on their playlists.

“My new song ‘Have It All’ is the first single release after the well-received EP. It shows a new side to Kipani’s music with its dark atmosphere and moody synths. It was written as a response to the judgement of lifestyle choices and resistance to not be forced into a societal box, especially as a female. This single marks the journey to what is expected to be an exciting year!” – Kipani on ‘Have It All’

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