Track of the Day: Launch Control – Attention Economy

Using their music as a sociopolitical platform, Reading-based Launch Control are sharing significant messages with the world. Following the style of iconic punk-rock bands Anti-Flag, Bad Religion and Sex Pistols, Launch Control will grab you by the ear, swing you around and make your bones reverberate. Known for the energetic performances and intelligent lyricism, the trio has shared the stage with Templeton Pek and The Interrupters. They look to push the envelope further with the latest addition to their repertoire, ‘Attention Economy’.

While released independently as a single, ‘Attention Economy’ is the title track off their latest EP. Recorded by the band and mastered by Dave Chang (Capdown, Stompin’ Ground), the single is fast, ferocious and filled with passion. What I find interesting is the mild juxtaposition of aggressive instrumentation with smooth vocals. True, the lyricism acts as a forceful political commentary, but the timbre of the vocals makes the message easier to digest while maintaining the significant meaning behind ‘Attention Economy’. In this, Launch Control show they are not only able to grab your attention but also control how their message is delivered.

“‘Attention Economy’ explores the idea that human attention is a commodity. Across five tracks we try to shine a light on the different ways that our attention is fought for and to what end. From organised religion, to political gain and populism, to the prying algorithms figuring out how to both sell to us and sell us on.”

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