Track of the Day: ØPALS – Middle Of The Night

Is there anything wrong with a really well-crafted pop song? Nothing really. You see, to make a pop song really work, you need to respect quite strict rules and patterns that always have to lead to at least one thing – be enjoyable to listen to. If you add a few other appealing elements, like making the song danceable, even better.

That is certainly the case with ØPALS, and their latest release ‘Middle Of The Night.’ All the key elements are there – the song uses recognisable patterns that make it quite pleasing to the ear, but shuffles them around so that it has a personality of its own. To make it even better, ØPALS add two more elements – the song is certainly something you can easily dance to. But then, there is another more serious element to it.

 ØPALS is an alternative pop project featuring singer/songwriter Ale Gibson who is a native to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Gibson wrote ‘Middle of the Night’ with the intention of becoming the best version of yourself, and reflects their battle with bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety. “Shining bright in the middle of the night” represents overcoming the darkness that is mental illness. Being able to combine such an important, serious message into a pleasing, danceable song, makes  ØPALS feat even better.

For more from ØPALS, check out their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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