Lucrezia – My Way (2021)

Captivating audiences with her charming vocals, Italian singer-songwriter Lucrezia adds a gritty attitude to contemporary pop. Based in London, the songstress is breaking boundaries by fusing hip-hop, trap and pop with unique obscurity. Blending Italian and English lyricism, Lucrezia gives us an insight into her cultural heritage and personality. Beginning her solo career in 2019, this artist can be considered new but she has captured the attention of curators across Europe…and her music can only ensure more success. The latest addition to her well-received discography is the single ‘My Way’.

Following her RnB-inspired single ‘Red Lingerie’, ‘My Way’ is Lucrezia’s second single of 2021. Showcasing innovativeness, ‘My Way’ is a merging of various contemporary genres including elements of hip-hop, shoegaze and pop. Blanketing the genre-defying track with rich vocals, the single is highly reminiscent of Rihanna but with high-powered crescendos in the style of Christina Aguilera. Yet, while the dulcet tones change in pace and style throughout the track, it is the incorporation of harmonic melodies that demonstrate the depth of content.

Simplistic to a tee, ‘My Way’ is filled with steady beats and swelling synths building up to catchy choruses. The single may have a jarring feeling to the basic instrumentation, but there is a uniqueness in how the abrupt melody flows with Lucrezia’s sensual vocals. By blending Italian and English lyrics, ‘My Way’ has a hazy ambience with a lingering haunting and mischief.

Based on Dante’s Divine Comedy, particularly the 9th Circle of Hell, Lucrezia creates a kaleidoscopic soundscape of conceptual ideology with her personal lyricism. The brusque lyricism is mind-bending, but Lucrezia shows you don’t need a philosophy degree to understand Dante’s concept of treachery and betrayal. The tale of a cheating partner and her experiences explore the fragility of the human spirit while making the idea highly relatable. This sonic representation of Dante’s Hell highlights Lucrezia’s insight and profoundness.

In addition to her single, Lucrezia released an official lyric video for ‘My Way’. I was not able to view the majority of the video because of the strobe effects, but the black and white imagery does add a suitable visual element to this gritty track. You should also note that Lucrezia released an acoustic piano version of the single. The intimacy and innocence of the acoustic version is charming and gives you insight into Lucrezia’s raw talent.


For more from Lucrezia check out her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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