Track of the Day: Rocket Horse – Imaginary

During this uncertain time with many lockdowns, artists have started to embrace remote collaborations to create music. I don’t know if this was exactly due to lockdown, but one of the more exciting cross-continent collaborations is Rocket Horse. Working from the United States of America and South Africa – “a world away” if you will – Rocket Horse fused an eclectic sound for the masses. This is our introduction to Rocket Horse but come delve in with us and see what we find.

Described by Roadie Metal as honouring “the temple of country music in a blend of style and rock and roll”, Rocket Horse’s ‘Imaginary’ is an acoustic-style pop meets folk ballad. We live stressful lives, but listening to this track can remove all anxiety, stress, frustration and exhaustion in a few minutes. Actually, from the first few piano notes, everything seems much calmer.

While the track appears to be piano-led, the incorporation of drums and guitar add a deeper, fuller effect to the soundscape. Intense intimacy oozes from the instrumentation matching the intimacy of Peter Cleff’s vocals. His dulcet tones lift you up and carry you on a beautiful sonic bubble to that happy place of pure love. Honest, sincere and sentimental, Brian Myk’s lyrics expose vulnerability but with a strong tenderness leaving a smile on your face. Smooth, soothing and mellow, this might be the perfect soundtrack to one of those romance movies like The Notebook.

So, what can I say about my first taste of Rocket Horse? What do I really think of ‘Imaginary’? It’s pure, blissful artistry.

For more from Rocket Horse check out their Instagram and Spotify.

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