Mo Douglas – The Most Expensive Restaurant In Portland (2022)

Absolutely genre-defying in his music, US-based Mo Douglas is not one to be pigeon-holed. Bringing together elements of funk, soul, garage rock, dub and psychedelic sounds, this talented artist is quite an innovative individual. While he has been releasing music for approximately five years (or so Spotify streaming suggests), Mo Douglas has experience sharing his unique style. From the reggae-rock ‘Mo Douglas Is In It’ to the finger-clicking track ‘Ample Room For Grooving’, Douglas has been blowing people’s minds. One of the latest singles in his discography is ‘The Most Expensive Restaurant In Portland’.

Featured on Roadie Music, Rock Era Magazine, Sinusoidal Music, Pop Fad Blog and various playlists, Mo Douglas is turning heads on an international level – now he has made it to The Other Side Reviews. Douglas immediately lifts you up with a mellow, laidback and chilled vibe in ‘The Most Expensive Restaurant In Portland’. Yet, just as smooth and chill as the song may be, there is also an upbeat tone in it having your toe tapping throughout.

Jazzy with an element of funk, the single takes me a few decades to the 60s and 70s music scenes. I can easily see this track being played in the background as people sway about to it. Not the pop disco scenes, but those super cool festivals where you just chill in its groovy sound. Kaleidoscopic lights fill the air with the dancing melody, but you’re too chill to chase them. Instead, ‘The Most Expensive Restaurant In Portland’ sweeps into you making you feel the melody and not chase it.

Nostalgic rock with a deep intimacy is at the core of ‘The Most Expensive Restaurant In Portland’. If you’re one of the older generations, it might make you think of those cooler times; but, if you’re one of the younger generations, you have been introduced to the awesome old-school sounds. If I had to describe ‘The Most Expensive Restaurant In Portland’, it’s just cool, man, cool.

For more from Mo Douglas check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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