Track of the Day: Jonah Corren – Where Do They Go?

All the way from West Dorset, England, Jonah Corren is a folk singer/songwriter with an unmistakable poetic flair – this must be because he is actually a poet. Despite being such a young artist, Corren has several poetic accomplishments behind his name, such as performing at Birmingham’s ‘Verve Poetry Festival’, being commission by BBC New Creatives, and is published in print and online – Alter Egos: A Bad Betty Anthology and The 84 Blog respectively.

As is mentioned, Corren uses his poetic flair in his music. Lying somewhere between Elliot Smith and Nick Drake with some lyrical inspiration from Joni Mitchell, Jonah Corren has released his debut single ‘Where Do They Go?’ Exploring themes like growing up, the passing of time and longing for home, ‘Where Do They Go?’ looks at his experiences from present boredom to longing nostalgia. While the track may be somewhat sombre, Corren’s melodic and effortless vocals make it quite soothing and tranquil.

This debut single, along with some upcoming follow-up singles, are all part of Corren’s debut EP Dreaming and Petty Crime. Unfortunately, production was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If ‘Where Do They Go?’ is anything to go by, I can’t wait for the next singles.

Listen to Jonah Corren’s ‘Where Do They Go?’ on our OSR’s FOLK PLAYLIST!

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